söndag 24 april 2011


Got the frame today. =)
Also got a bunch of things from my friend slash local Ducati dealer that let me go grab stuff from his dungeon =)
Exhaust pipes, bolts, tripple tree, oil lines etc..

Took some pics, the 749 suspension link and the start of something beutifull....

torsdag 21 april 2011


So. I got this frame from a 999S.. what to do, what to do. Hmmm. How about putting a air cooled engine in that frame.. Bu still, it's (the frame) so heavy, aha, Kaemna has got a cool kit to solve that.. hmmmm. ok, lets go.

So I got the frame 999S
Then ebay is got in the house some how.
999 2006 swingarm
1100 Hypermotard engine
1100 Hypermotard Throttle bodies
Kaemna had the ecu, harness etc
Going to try and make the exhaust like the ktm rc8.

And then ebay got me to buy some more stuff
1098 oil cooler
1098 Showa forks
848 brakes

A Ducati store near by let me go threw there basement and i got more parts..

Well.. thats where i am now.. got most parts, but still missing a lot, and i am not going to wait till next summer. Lets se where i am in a month or two...

Kaemna kit